50 Shirt Small Business shirts with simple artwork

Just want a logo on the front and a larger logo on the back? Don’t need the custom work, and want to keep it simple? Needless to say these are the easy projects, we love ‘em. No art fees!

Usually these are 2 color left chests and maybe three color backs.

Scroll to down the page to skip all this and just see the price.

Here’s the Formula to find the base shirt price.

(Price from the Chart for the 3 color back) + ((Price from the Chart for the 2 color left chest - the 2nd print adjustment) x #ofshirts) + screen fee = total / #ofshirts

Solving for dark shirts:

(($8.45) + ($8.05-$5.50) x 50shirts)+$50 =$575/50shirts which all works out to $12 / shirt

that’s $600 for the lot.

Some extras you might run across:

2XL garments are + $2.50
3XLs are + $4. Sorry about that, the wholesaler does it to us.

Adding Hoodies are $15 for S-Large, $20 for 2XL, and $25 for 3XL

a nice extra is that reprinting the shirts down the road are $50 less because screen reburn fees are $5 instead of $10 per screen.

Adding v-necks for the ladies, tank tops, long sleeves, and collared shirts are all going to be more expensive then the basic tees, but generally $2-$4 extra depending on the brand.