The Big Doodle

Ty is an illustrator from way back and loves to draw.  The artwork he is holding here is months worth of pencil doodling.  Soon he'll ink it in black, ink it in white, scan it, prepress it, print it to film, stencil it to screen, and then screen-print it onto a nice mid-tone archival fine art paper.  He'll print fifty or a hundred or so, then sign and number them.  Some will become gifts to friends and family, and the rest will be sold online here or at the Sunny Days Screenprinting booth in fairs and festivals


A biohazard pig


The drawing attracts a lot of attention, which is nice.  It's super-detailed; it's an illustrators equivalent of an author writing a book.  The pencils will be inked over, but the better the penciling is the better the ink will be so the drawings are gone over again and again.


The theme of the artwork is catharsis, that small amount of  pleasure you get from doing a fun simple task, like fishing, playing a game, working a crossword puzzle, or doodling. The title of the work is 'Catharsis Manifesto' and in the middle it warns "Beware the sirens call of Catharsis", ironically (for a doodle) an anti-procrastination message.  All over are several quotes and philosophical statements, like this one:

a satyr

Nonconformity cat and a fellow caught by the ticklepus


"Doing is more important then having: This artwork has much more value unfinished then it ever will have finished."


"There are two kinds of geniuses'; you are probably not the born kind.  But becoming the learned kind is a pretty good use of a lifetime"

A bit of momento mori

Doodling is a soothing form of meditation.  The mental process is similar to working a zentangle, or putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  The more details and time Ty puts in, the more profound a sense of satisfaction he'll have when it's finally finished.

If you are interested in seeing how this looks when it's finished use this form to sign up and we'll contact you.  You'll have an opportunity to buy a print if you'd like one, or just to see how it came out.  Ty will also enter the artwork into contests and if he wins, we'll tell you about it.  

Thank you for your interest!

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