Beauty can change the world

Extrapolate ‘Beautiful decisions can change the world” and it overcomes the “What being shot at with an AK-47?” argument. “What am I going to do, paint a beautiful picture? Violence is the source of power, not beauty. Police carry guns not paintbrushes.”

Philosophy should be taught in the schools, it really should, if only to overcome materialism. I mean, violence and immorality in general, too, but if we could focus in on beauty and art maybe the next generation would make some decisions that would allow people to do that, rather then scrambling for money, resources, health, time.

There’s more then enough stuff in the world to give us all the time we need, I wish we could focus on time instead of money.

I don’t really expect anyone to read this blog, and I don’t know how long I’ll stick to it, but the beauty of that is it matters exactly zero how much or how little I write, or what I write about. Just now I am focused in on this new art show: I need several more artworks and I’d like them to convey the idea that Beautiful decisions can save the world. I call the show the Sunny Days Aviary… maybe I’ll change it. Right now. it doesn’t matter a bit.

Nothing matters a bit.

I am a not-terribly charismatic middle age hermit in a very rural place working by myself to draw, draw, draw something that will spark the imaginations of thousands of people I’ve never met. To break the solitude and introversion I’ll write out my thoughts on the artwork here once in a while. Maybe I’ll nail down better the beautiful thing that I’m trying to say, narrow it down to pithy sound bites that I can spout at people when they ask about the art.

Nobody asks about the art. They go their own way; we’re not in a time or place where art is a culture-bearer, and people are busy. Ten seconds they’ll look at a very detailed piece and move on; much of what I draw is an attempt to slow them down a bit, delay and get the message across: BEAUTY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD MAKE BEAUTIFUL DECISIONS.