How important is the original?

Sneaking around like a ninja at 4AM, making coffee stealthy like Navy Seals (silent percolation!) which is ironic since when Aut and Ali get up they make coffee like an artillery barrage.  I mutter at migratory items for being out of place: Geezer goggles, ten thousand pens and pencils, headphones, and ipad, phone, computer (to make sure the internet isn’t different on one of them), yin-yang coffee cup. I like to make sure there’s enough clutter to make my sig other insane, because pure rage helps her wake up in the morning.  Here’s what I’m working on:

detailed lower half of ‘Beauty can change the world’

detailed lower half of ‘Beauty can change the world’

The big question today that I’m overthinking is:  How important is this original?

There’s more than enough detail here to go into production:  From here I scan it and vectorize it using Illustrator or an iPad app with iPencil called Graphic (Worst app name in history, try doing a ‘Graphic Help’ Google search).  Vectorizing takes a long, long time and requires zero mental activity, ‘slike playing solitaire ‘til dawn with a pack of 51. Audible sends engraved thank-you cards, throws parades in my honor.

But what about the original?  It’s completely unnecessary to finish the original, all I need is enough information to vectorize, and then the original drawing goes in a drawer somewhere. The me of the future will come across it while searching for my rocket pack or something and say ‘huh look at that’, briefly consider throwing it (and a hundred other drawings) in the EnviroClean © Vaporizer, decide not to, and put it back in the drawer until the earth plummets into the sun.

OR, I could polish it up, spend many hours sharpening and cleaning the image, frame it and see if it will sell.  

The problem with that is that it’s many, many hours, and I’ve made a couple bad decisions for keeping the original:  Bristol Board kind of sucks for this, it’s no good with the water-based brush on ink, it wrinkles like my cottage-cheese looking buttocks. I should have gotten a drawing board (and done some sit-ups).  Also, I dove in without consideration for framing because I can adjust for that on the computer… so framing this might be wonky. From this day forth only frameable-sized drawings, I so decree it!

Anyway, to finish the original or not to finish the original? I should see if I can find a buyer, and finish only if I know it will sell.  The problem there is that Facebook is sick of my shenanigans, I’ve got diminishing returns like a coke addict, the likes go down and down as I post similar artwork, folks are sick of it.  I get all itchy, go into withdrawals, look into facebook rehab, fail to find facebook rehab, invent facebook rehab, become a zillionaire, get hooked on actual coke, and nobody wants that I’m a father for chrissakes.

Oh crap a snowplow truck just rumbled by, it’s dark out this morning and I haven’t looked outside… I might enough up behind a snowblower in just a sec, argh, gotta go.