A new year CoRmorant rant

Too many crows! Murder upon murder pouring out of artists. People really like crows and since I apparently hate success I drew this Cormorant. I went red-winged blackbird for a bit but every blackbird composition that squirted from my composition gland = 2nd rate crow. Then someone near me used the word Cormorant and since I’m a malleable lump of impressionable putty the poor red wing blackbird went on standby.


My California quail monster mouth artwork had zero filigrees or fluer-di-lis so I had to catch up my ridiculous quota on that.  Why not a seascape for this sea-bird? asks the philistine in my mind (and zero real people) and I can’t answer except to say It's too obvious, or I like to draw swirly-dos, or... Get out of my face imaginary critic, who cares anyway? Nothing matters, the world is going to end, life is short and if I want to draw a page full of swirly-dos then strap in.  It’s you, Nietzsche & me in this rowboat braving the storm of mediocre conversation topics, to-do lists full of items forgotten a week from now, franchise-filled towns full of branding but no art, money grubbing wage slaves terrified by media who insist we break our backs in terror about paying for college, paying for retirement, paying for a boring car that can fit into a stream of other self-obsessed and stressed-out boring cars... God forbid you get sick or injured because insurance companies are getting into making you set up a go-fund me campaign so they won’t just bankrupt you but everyone who loves you.   And when in your desperate grasping you finally have a lovely child, she gets jammed into the mediocrity-stress machine with a classroom full of discipline cases who are punished and taught NOT ONE HINT of philosophy, morals, aesthetics, or anything else that might lead to happiness, since those are trite and a waste of taxpayers money. Our kids will learn math and writing so they can get a job, take out those loans get that credit, buy all the stuff and become owned by a series of corporations and the government, also own by corporations, and God, who is apparently on the side of corporations.

So instead of chasing mindless to-do lists today I’m going to draw all the goddamn filigrees and flier-di-lis I want to so neener neener, Responsibility.


Until the Mrs catches me and then it’s the to-do list.