Are Bank Lobbies better places to show art then cafes..?

Let’s do some self-tortured mental gymnastics, product of my self-diagnosed obsession, weee!

The Merrimack County Savings bank is a tiny bank in this tiny town in this tiny state, but they very kindly let me put a display up in their lobby and I sold eight artworks off the wall!  it was great: I’d get a phone call, jump in the car, drive down and have a very cathartic discussion with a happy art-buyer. That feeds the obsession beast burrowed into my noggin, I gotta tell you.

The Everyday cafe and pub, which is the beating heart of this New England village has let me hang a five-artwork show.  Very nice of Christian, the energetic fellow who owns the place (Has a cooking show on WMUR, srsly!). Those artworks been there for a couple weeks and nuthin.

Sometimes I go in there and sit there like a creepy homeless guy and act like I’m not watching:  The crowd of happy diners constantly looks at the wall with my artworks! I finally went over to see the artwork from their angle and realized there’s a specialty drink menu over the art and that’s what they were looking at. Womp womp.

It’s an active, bustling place, people are talking to each other, deciding what to eat and drink, being social (Looks like fun, I should try it) and heavy art theory is last, last last thing on their mind.

Also, just to complicate things, the bank show was right before the holidays and the cafe show was during and after them  so that’s a thing. It’s been superdooper icy and cold and folks are back to school, work, misery.

Also, law of diminishing returns, maybe this area is saturated by Ty Meier’s shenanigans?

I know my own mental space is saturated by Ty Meier’s shenanigans.  I should go think about something else for a while. It’s very hard to think about anything else, which I guess is the nature of obsession.