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CRBC is a business networking group like BNI, LeTip, or Goldstar, only we're locally run, much less formal, much MUCH less expensive, and we have a lot more fun.

CRBC currently meets every Friday at 8am to 9:15am at The Contoocook Railroad Depot
(a Museum) in Contoocook, New Hampshire.  We have one member from each industry to avoid competition, so plz check the membership to see if your industry is already represented:

It's $10 per month until we have 25 regular members and then it goes up to $20. There are currently 22 members; compare $20 per month to what BNI charges!

In the meeting, each member (or visitor) gets time to speak to the group to discuss their business and pitch their product. or service. 

After this there is a pretty lively general discussion of a business topic.  Turns out we all have stories to tell about all aspects of marketing a small business or non-profit.

Unlike other business networking groups we don't track business, require training or anything else. It's as much a social group as a business networking group. 

The meeting ends promptly at 9:15 am.

We meet every Friday, although the only mandatory meeting is the first Friday of each month.  That's our ALL HANDS meeting.  The reasoning behind this is that smaller meetings are better for getting to know each other while a large meeting is better to attract new members.  So we try to have both. 

The larger the group becomes the better the networking will be!  Each member is encouraged to find and invite new members.

We also have Tech Meetings where everyone brings their laptops and we help each other with our social networking strategies.

Ty Meier is benevolent dictator; he's the person to call to ask questions: (510) 780-6693

Thank you for your interest in CRBC!  We hope to see you soon!

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Contoocook Railroad Depot Museum

8am -9:15 Friday Mornings

896 Main St, Contoocook, NH 03229