200 Cheapo 1 color shirts for an Event

Music Festival, Sport tournaments, Bike races, Marathons, etc.

PTA, Rotary and other clubs often put on events and need a LOT OF CHEAP SHIRTS with some custom artwork on them.

White shirts with black ink can be colored at the event with fabric markets, that made the 7th graders EPIC EVENT at their school graduation really great for them.

To find the base price, we look at 1 color on the Chart. The chart says $6.20 per shirt.

$6.20 x 200 shirts + $0/screen charge, so that’s $1,240. But remember that larger sizes will be a little more expensive, so scroll down for a realistic size breakdown.

For a 200 shirt project, Ty is happy to create a pretty complex custom artwork for free!

This quote assumes that all these garments are standard 100% cotton shirts like Hanes Comfortsoft, Port and Co, Fruit of the Loom or Gildan, or standard 50/50s (lighter) from those companies. (To see the selection, go to Sanmar.com… but Ty is happy to help with that, he’s worked with all the shirts)

A Typical 200 garment order

30 Youth Mediums normal x $6.20 = $186
note that Youth Large and Adult Small shirts are very similar sizes
30 Adult Small t-shirts normal x $6.20 = $186
40 Adult Large t-shirts
normal x $6.20 = $248
40 Adult XL t-shirts normal x $6.20 = $248
40 Adult XXL t-shirts 2XL and up are + $2.50, sorry, the wholesaler does it to us. x 8.7=$348
20 Adult 3XL t-shirts
3XL and 4Xl are +$4, again, blame the wholesaler x $10.2 =$204

Added up, the garment cost comes to $1,420

And that’s with custom, complex art!