plz note, this is a service is offered to professional screenprinters

Freelance Screenprinting Pre-Press

Ty freelanced for a decade plus with his website, and is superexperienced at working remotely.  He's got a professional solution for any pre-press problem you've got.

Email your artwork to ty@sunnydaystshirts.  Unless it’s a very large or complex project, Ty will send a paypal request for $65 (or send you a link to purchase in the store).  Once it's paid you'll have your easy-to-print separations within a few business days. Sometimes it’s next day! Depending on how many projects are in queue.

PrePress Services for Screenprinters:

  • Color Separation: Ty can send greyscale .pdfs or .tif seps that you can print straight to film without a graphic design program, or he can set up a channeled psd file for AccuRIP. Halftones can be included in the pixel data so AccuRIP isn't necessary.

  • Vectorization: Ty artistically interprets your image and adds some style & artwork to it. If you've used vector services before you know that most seem to put in the minimum effort to get by; Ty is a killer designer in his own right and applies that skill to your art.

  • Re-Creation: Ty can remake logos or low resolution images to make them sharp and high resolution.

  • Design: Check out Ty's portfolio here: All art comes prepressed, separated and ready for print.

  • Four Color Process: Ty can guide you through four color process without a RIP, including white base and spot white. 4CP is difficult to get perfect the first time! But Ty can help you nail down a regular system.

$65 minimum charge pays for an hour and a half of pre-press projects ganged up, so if you have smaller jobs send them together. 'Ganged up' means artworks are a part of the same time-frame, same set of communications, etc, sent together and received together.  The extra time doesn't carry over.

Don't hesitate to call Ty with questions about prepress services: (603) 573-6902

Here's a poster Ty illustrated years ago to advertise Screenprintprepress, his old business name.  If you are a screenprinter in the United States you've probably seen it: