Affordable Design

Ty is an expert at setting up
t-shirt designs, and will do that quickly and affordably in order to secure your print project.  Check out his portfolio!

Simple Pricing

Ty does the pricing, Ty does the design, Ty does the printing,  That makes it easy to work out a price quickly and stick to it.  

Personalized Service

We are a small town sole proprietorship so every project is important to us; Your good referrals, word of mouth and networking are important.

We design and screenprint custom t-shirts..

The first step is to call or send an email.  We have a ten business day turnaround, and we try to stick to a 24 shirt minimum.  But if you catch us at a slow time we'll do your smaller run of shirts. 

If you are within a half hour drive of Contoocook we'll deliver!

Our most popular wholesaler is Sanmar; if you want to you can browse their site for good blank t-shirts for us to print on.  Or don't: We're happy to suggest the best t-shirt for you.

We can also offer 100% Organic Cotton, USA-made t-shirts from