Pricing your screenprinting order

A pricing

Pricing screenprinting projects is complicated!

There are a lot of moving parts! We use a pretty complex spreadsheet with formulas to find your price. So asking for a quote is the easist way to go.

Call Ty at (603) 573-6902 or email and he’ll help you through it.

If you would prefer to figure it out yourself, you can use this page to get an idea of how much your project will cost, but we can’t commit to a price until we can work out the numbers ourselves.

Sorry for the complexity and hassle! Scroll down to “an easier way to figure this out” below if you don’t want to try to parse this chart.

Too much math! These are basic prices for normal 100% cotton or 50/50 (cotton/polyester) t-shirts.

Long sleeves, v-necks, fashion shirts, hoodies, raglan, ring spun, aprons, tote bags and all else will vary in price.

We use for our wholesaling, go there to see the variety of things we can print on… and ignore the retail prices.

Garments 2XL or over are +$2.50. Sorry about that, the wholesaler does it to us.
Garments 4XL or over are +$4, again, blame the wholesaler
Standard hoodies added to a t-shirt order are generally

$15 for small-Large
$20 for Medium-XL
$25 for 3XL

And there are other little charges for special things like printing on sleeves, printing over pockets, and a bunch of other stuff.

Names or Numbers ironed on to sports shirts are $5 per shirt.

Yes but how much for art?

Ty is a super-efficient graphic designer and will do an hour or so of design work for free to earn your print work. In an hour he often can:

  • Re-create old t-shirts

  • Create new designs

  • Pre-press your logo for shirts

  • Find some good clipart and arrange your business name and phone number around it.

For Ty’s super-detailed custom illustration, the rule of thumb is the more t-shirts you want printed, the less expensive the artwork is.

If you want 24 shirt with a ten-hour complex illustration on it, be prepared to pay up to $240 in art fees. At about 144 shirts the art becomes very cheap or free- Ty can justify putting six or seven hours of artwork in to earn your print project.

For $300 say “Make a portfolio piece” and Ty will put all his creative power into creating something unique and amazing for you.

An Easier Way to figure this out

Here are some pretty normal projects that we get, and how they price out. See which one is most like yours and look into it, and you can get a pretty good idea of how the quote will go.


Pretty often a fellow will have photos of his vehicles, a business logo, and he’ll want shirts for a couple employees (often largish fellows) his kids, his wife and his mom.

EPIC EVENT 1st draft 5 31 2017 PROOF.jpg

When you want to give many many shirts away. Ty will do the art for free!



Bring on the good stuff!

More samples to come soon!