50 Shirt Trucking / Vintage Cars/ Fire Department quote example

Vehicle shirts! Pretty often a fellow will have photos of his vehicles, a business logo, and he’ll want shirts for a couple employees (often largish fellows) his kids, his wife and his mom.

For 50 shirts worth of printing Ty can illustrate a vehicle for $75, or two vehicles for $125. That includes the left chest print.

This quote assumes dark shirts, like dark grey, black or navy: The client decided on a 4 color back and a one color left chest print.

To find the base price, we look at 4 colors on the chart for the back: $8.80

Then the left chest print: $7.10 (from the chart), but we subtract the 2nd print adjustment ($5.50) so it’s $1.60 / shirt for the left chest print.

Added together (back $8.80 + left chest $1.60), that’s $10.40 per shirt.
$10.40 x 50 shirts + $10/screen charge ($50), so that’s $570.
We’re done!
$11.40 per shirt + the art work cost.

However, it’s never that easy.

Our client needs kid shirts, some 3XL shirts for his big employee, some hoodies, and the ladies in his life like v-neck shirts.

This base price assumes that all these garments are standard 100% cotton shirts or standard 50/50s (To see the selection, go to Sanmar.com… but Ty is happy to help with that, he’s worked with all the shirts)

A Typical 50 garment order, 4 color back, 1 color front

5 Children size shirts* normal x $11.40 = $57
7 Large t-shirts normal x $11.40 = $79.80
10 XL t-shirts normal x $11.40 = $114
10 XXL t-shirts 2XL and up are + $2.50, sorry, the wholesaler does it to us. x $13.90=$139
5 3XL t-shirts
3XL and 4Xl are +$4, again, blame the wholesaler x $15.40 =$77
3 XL Hoodies Most standard %100 cotton small- large hoodies added to t-shirt jobs are $15 =$45
3 2XL Hoodies Most standard %100 cotton 2XL hoodies added to t-shirt jobs are $20 =$60
2 3XL Hoodies Most standard %100 cotton 3XL hoodies added to t-shirt jobs are $25 =$50
2 small womens v-necks Each style varies but a good rule of thumb is +$2 for v-necks x $13.40 =$26.80
2 2XL womens v-necks +$2.50 for XXL and +$2 for v-neck x 15.90 =$31.80
1 3XL womens v-necks $4 for XXL and +$2 for v-neck =$17.40

Added up, the garment cost comes to $697.8

With two trucks worth of illustration ($125), This order came to $822.80

This same order with one color on the back: $751.40
This same order with two colors on the back: $791.3
This same order with three colors on the back: $808.1

*remember that the artwork has to fit on all the shirts. So a small artwork on a children’s shirt is going to look tiny on an adult 3XL. To print a smaller sized artwork we’d have to burn five more screens at $10 each. So smaller sized childrens shirts become problematic. But larger youth shirts are okay.