Sunny Days Screenprinting
Fine Art Prints

Ty’s particular insanity is an obsession with becoming a pen-and-ink genius before he dies, and screenprinting fine art prints is an important step on that very long journey.

Sunny Days Aviary are all printed on warm grey chipboard paper in three colors; white, grey and black. Ty finds and refurbishes frames, the more interesting the better. All prints are standard framing sizes, and come with mats. Contact Ty for pricing or to be added to the email list (one email every two months or so)

Upcoming Schedule

Currently showing at Everyday Cafe, Contoocok, NH:

July 5th- July 29th: New Hampshire Art Association Gallery, Portsmouth, NH:

August 16 to October Brick House Cafe, WIllits, CA

Ty’s plan is to set up a schedule of shows and new artwork through the year next year; if you’d like to find out about new events and artwork, Thank you!


The Turtle and the Cardinal

A study on extroversion and introversion


Grow Something

It will help you appreciate our plenty


Thousands of very small decisions

Determine who you are.


Refine your catharsis

To find happiness


Motivation vs Discipline

Guess which wins?


Coming soon

Next up! And more to come.